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Handwoven Hemp Backpack

Handwoven Hemp Backpack

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Our organic hemp & cotton backpacks are versatile, durable, and uniquely fashionable. Perfect for everyday use for school, office, or outdoors, the lined and padded main compartment is spacious and includes a laptop compartment in back. Two additional compartments allow for easy storage of wallets, pens, and other daily needs. The fully lined and padded straps are adjustable and hold up to 5kg (11lbs). High quality zipper and padded back for extra comfort. Two cotton side pockets with elastic tops hold your water bottles or travel mug.

Each piece is completely natural, non toxic and free of chemicals, therefore at the end of its life it can be composted instead of sitting in a landfill.

 Dimensions: 19 x 14 inches
 Weight: 500.00 Grams
 Materials: Natural Hemp, Recycled Fabrics and Cotton
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About This Product

  • Handmade

    This product is respecting traditions and the making process is entirely done by hand. It is handcrafted with love by our women artisans.

  • Eco-Friendly

    This product is protecting Moter Earth and the people. It is eco-friendly, plastic free, cruelty free, chemicals free, and pollution free.

  • Fair Trade

    This product is contribuing to ending fast fashion, sweatshops, child-labor and modern slavery. It is providing living wage to its makers.

Hemp Collection

Hemp grows wild in Nepal, free of chemicals and nurtured with natural resources. By focusing on what is available locally, we help boost the local economy while teaching the people to be in harmony with nature. Hemp fiber is strong and durable and it's a very sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

We grow and harvest the plant locally and the entire process of growing, harvesting, weaving is done by hand. We use a 1000-year-old technique to turn that raw fiber into yarn and we woven it into fabric using a 100-year-old loom that doesn’t need any electricity. We then sew it either in its natural state and color or we hand dye it using natural dyes.


Hemp grows wild in Nepal, free of chemicals and nurtured with natural resources. Once the hemp plant has reached maturity, we harvest it by hand.


We left it in the sun to dry for 1-2 weeks depending on the weather. 


We soak the stems and branches in water for one week and we sun dried them again.


Once it has dried out completely, we bashed it with a stick to fragment the fibers and allow it to split easily. 


We spin the fiber into yarn using a 1000-year-old technique.


We weave it into fabric using a 100-year-old loom that doesn’t need any electricity.


We wash the fabric another 15 times before we sew it.


We dry the fabric in the sun before we use it.


We use it in its natural state or we hand dye it using natural dyes.

Customers Reviews

Handwoven Hemp Backpack


This book bag is gorgeous and durable. It is exactly what I was looking for. It is a "grown up" back pack in my opinion. It looks nice, and it supports a craft and economy for hard working women. I like that it is handmade and made well. I also love that in buying it I helped support someone's living, rather than some big company who exploits their workers. Thank you!


Hemp Yoga Mat & Bag Set


I love this item! It’s perfect for practicing yoga, soft enough to cushion my knees and well-made to lost a long time. I’ve been looking for a good option for a sustainable mat and bag for said mat- and I’ve found it!


Spacious Hemp and Cotton Tote Bag


Just received my order and i really like this bag, i got it in large size and im amazed by the quality (it is very strong!) my laptop even fit which is great. thanks so much ladies, will order again!


Hemp and Upcycled Sari iPad or Makeup Purse


The quality of my makeup purse was amazing. And the personal touch in the parcel was lovely. Will definitely buy from this company again.


Go Green Fanny Pack


Absolutely beautiful! This is one of the best purchases I've ever made! Amazing quality and thought put into it. And what a great cause!


Handwoven Hemp Tote Bag


Beautiful and high-quality bag and great cause to support! I use it for school. I would definitely purchase again.


Natural Hemp Yoga Mat


Omg! i love it so much, the quality is amazing! I cannot wait to use this for my yoga and meditation practice. They also sent a free face mask! The bag and mat is such good quality and there is also a extra outer and inner zipper pockets.

Adri Foster

Handwoven Hemp Backpack


I got this bag while visiting your store in Thamel and I used it during my trip and I still use it now, it is still so good and i love to travel with this.

Bee Nita

Handwoven Hemp Backpack


I am so impressed by the quality and care put into this product even down to the packaging and special note inside. It may look a little wrinkled at first because I was so excited to post a review - this is 5 minutes fresh out of the air-tight packaging. Beautiful colors and textures. And what a fantastic organization!


Organic Hemp Laptop sleeve


Very beautiful and practical product. The material feels very nice and the quality is very good. I also love the details!


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About Us

  • Empowering Women

    We supports women and their children by providing them a safe place free from violence and negative social pressures. We work in Nepal, one of the least developed countries in the world, where only 2% of women own businesses.

  • Sustainable

    Through offering skills development in handicraft production and literacy education, we empowers women to generate their own income and support their children in a healthy and sustainable way.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    We grow and harvest raw materials locally and we recycle discarded materials, using 100-year-old looms to weave the textiles and using sustainable production to support
    a locally based economy.

  • Ethical

    We’re working towards bringing an end to fast fashion, freeing women from sweatshops, and protecting Mother Earth. Handcrafted with love by women coming together to change the fashion industry. We’re committed to giving supply chain transparency
    to our customers.