Woven Hemp Hip & Shoulder Bag

Woven Hemp Hip Bag

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7.05 Grams
10 x 8 inches

One of our most unique items, our woven hemp hip bag works equally well as an over-the-shoulder bag or belt bag. It has three pockets - one zippered, one flap in front, and a secret pocket in the back. Its durable and versatile enough for everyday use in place of a purse or small backpack and is a great bike or travel bag when all you need is your wallet, keys, phone, and a few extras.

Like all of our hemp & cotton products, our hip bag is sustainably grown and handcrafted, and since it is completely natural and nontoxic, at the end of its life can be composted instead of sitting in a landfill.

Dimensions: Length 10 inches x Width 8 inches

Local Women’s Handicrafts is a fair trade textiles and handicrafts collective based in Kathmandu. All of our products are handmade and ethically produced, providing fair wages and safe working conditions for the local Nepalese women who make them. We seek to empower and educate disadvantaged women by providing them with training and skills to support themselves. 
Our organization is working hard to eradicate sweatshop problems as soon as possible. Everyday, lives are lost due to this unnecessary suffering.
By buying our products, you’re not just purchasing beautiful, handmade, and unique items, you’re also helping us educate women with skills that will allow them to support themselves and work in a happy and healthy environment.

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