Luxurious Fair-trade Cashmere Box

Luxurious Fair-trade Cashmere Box

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535.00 Grams

Enjoy a beautiful selection of luxurious cashmere products handmade by our women in Nepal. By purchasing one box you are empowering these women, by providing them with jobs and skills training in our center. By supporting us, you are not only offering beautiful gifts to yourself or to your loved ones but you’re also making a gift to marginalized women by giving them a chance for a better life. Thank you for your support!

These pricing includes a 15% discount on the box.

For a 25$ donation with your box, we donate a wool shawl to a woman in need this winter. 

1/4 of the population in Nepal lives below the poverty line, making less than $1.90 a day. The country is at a high risk for earthquakes, floods and landslides. In 2015, an earthquake demolished more than 600,000 homes, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Still up to this day, about 2,500,000 people are homeless in Nepal living in the slums.



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