Hemp Yarn

Hemp Yarn

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150.00 Grams

This organic hemp yarn is 100% hemp, an environmentally friendly, natural material. The hemp yarn is created by local women in Nepal who receive a fair wage and working conditions. Hemp grows wild in Nepal and so it is chemical free. This natural yarn is perfect for a variety of projects, from rugs to placemats to bags, it will be a great addition to your collection.

Available Colors: natural beige, olive green, chocolate brown, indigo blue, raspberry red.

Weight approx: 150g

Once the hemp plant has reached maturity, it is harvested by hand and then left in the sun to dry for 1-2 weeks depending on the weather. The stems and branches are then soaked in water for one week and sun dried again. Once it has dried out completely, it is bashed with a stick to fragment the fibre to allow it to split easily. Only natural dye is used on this yarn.

Product Care:

All of our products are ethically produced, providing fair wages and working conditions for the local Nepalese women who make them. We seek to empower and educate disadvantaged women by providing them with training and skills to support themselves. LWH is a fair trade textiles and handicrafts collective based in Kathmandu.

Visit our Product Care Guide to find out how to get the longest life out of your product.

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