We Need your Help

Aug 21st 2019

As we continue on our road to transforming the lives of Nepalese women we are once more coming to terms with funding challenges. As many of you know, I have never been an advocate of straight donations. I would much prefer the trading of skills, knowledge, or direct assistance based on specific needs so people know exactly what they are contributing to.

As we have very large amounts of beautiful stock I would like to propose that those wishing to help us contribute, help us by sending a sum of money - $100 or $200 or whatever you can afford, and I will send them a beautiful selection of our unique hand made pieces. As Christmas is approaching the time is ripe for organizing gifts, and what better gift than one that gives twice !

I have always detested asking for hand outs , as I believe that it is hard work that moves us forward. But as we move closer to our dream I realize that some assistance is necessary. Please , consider us as you prepare gifts for the holiday season , and thank you for your support.