An Aching start‧A Miraculous turnout

Aug 21st 2019

It was a painstaking last night. I struggled with the screen, keyboard and net access. A seemingly eternity, I sighed, and my prayer for this to be short-lived nightmare failed. The blow resumed this morning, and needless to say, it was least inviting to start a Saturday. I find joy in blog updates, and replies to friends across the globe. Yet the efforts and energy were killed by an aging computer; its operating system has little mercy towards human control. The days of this computer are numbered, and I am desperate. LWH is in sweet need for a dear functional communication tool, to bridge the world in words and pictures. Another crazy day, a mad start, but what to do? I shrugged, and copiously tapped to update facebook page over mobile device. A cheer would undoubtedly alleviate the jammed emotion. All I need is a miracle!

All I need is a miracle is a lasting classy song by Mike and the Mechanics, beloved by fans of young and old. The soothing tunes and inspiring lyrics serve to remind - to have faith in miracle, for every individual is a miracle himself /herself. A miracle is as simple as a smile or hug, which does the magic! While in process ridding what to do and untangle the emotional knots, the unexpected shined and graced my mind and heart – supports from overseas friends are on its way to us, and followed by series of calls packed with encouragement from the Scandinavia. With the support, the continuity of pathway construction and pavement to LWH compound site is possible. Funds are as well secured to purchase cement and cast iron for columns. A finished paved path relieves the access and transport of building raw materials to the site. The spontaneous unexpected brings miracles for the day, at constant down rate of apparent bathtub curve, it lifts the situation to increasing slope. Our aim is to linear keep up, and by all means, prevents from curve into bathtub alike. While further funds are required for larger quantity of cements and bricks, in addition to labor expense for site and path construction, there remains much to accomplish in coming days and months. But we are neither despair nor ever ready to surrender. The miraculous turnout of any day is an alpha, and certainly, not an omega. Every alpha and what follows strengthens our confidence. It draws LWH meters closer to our ultimate goal and sustainability. The process is a test of patience, and race against uncertainty, yet looking at the analogous circumstance of nonexistent path to LWH compound site, for as long as hope and determination stand firm, we part the obstructions to pave the way step by step. Hence, we eventually create the access.

Thank you, dear Lucy, for your generous supportinvitation.

Thank you, dear Jessie, for funding the cement purchase.

Thank you, dear Dan, for your beautiful words of support. Your calls showered wonders on my afternoon! And made me shocked on thespot your ticket booking and coming to see us, i felt so happy for your freedom, your choice is in yourfist/hand.

In the midst of infinite what to do, all your thoughtfulness spark the miracles. I began today with motion aches and hard wrestles with the aging high-tech device. Yet halfway into the day, grace came, a miraculous turnout that concluded this Saturday evenings with smiles and profound touches. I am not alone, and I know I will not be alone in achieving the missions.

With love and hugs to you all, I close the day with look forward to a good tomorrow.